Technical Information

Image of high precision SIPEL tweezer used in electronics, medical and watchmaking industry. With over 3,000 different products, SIPEL Electronic SA catalog proposes a wide range of high quality hand tools.

Sipel Electronic SA develops and produces high technology hand tools, for applications in electronic assembly, watchmaking or in the medical industry, at the highest quality standards.

All tweezers, pliers and cutters are manufactured or finished in our Geneva workshop.

Our products are available in different materials, sizes and shapes

Quick change tweezers

Quick Change tweezers are high technology replaceable tip tweezers allowing to reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality standards. They are available in the different Materials.

Tip Material

Handle Material

Aluminum (–AL) Supra Light Soft Material, Totally Antimagnetic
Brass (-BR) - Soft Material, Totally Anti-Magnetic-BR
Stainless Anti-Acid, Anti-Magnetic Steel (-SA)

Pliers and cutters

SIPEL can advise you in the choice of the most appropriate tools for your needs:  how to choose your pliers and cutters, head types, size, lap joint, box joint, cut types…
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THE PRECISION SCREW SYSTEM - The TECHNICA Line cutters have a special screw which allows the noses to be perfectly aligned. This is obtained by a set up carried out by a high precision machine. If needed the cutter can be easily disassembled and sharpened.

SIPEL proposes a selection of grips :

  • Black (esd) safe grips
  • Blue Soft Foam Grips
  • TECHNICA Line's Grips

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Designed For Extracting Large DIL's. Comes With Interchangeable Jaws. Other models available upon request.
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More information

If you wish to receive more information, please have a look at our online catalog and contact us. Our team will be available to answer your questions.