About us

Image of a high precision SIPEL tweezer used in electronics. SIPEL proposes a catalog of excellent tweezers, pliers, cutters for electronic assembly and medical devices.

Mission Statement

Sipel Electronic SA develops, produces and distributes high technology hand tools to improve the way its customers manufacture at the highest quality standards around the globe.

Company History

SIPEL Electronic SA is a privately held company founded in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. We develop, manufacture and distribute high technology precision hand tools for the electronics, watch making and medical industries. Our product range include tweezers, pliers, cutters and vacuum pickup tools, as well as custom made tools. We aim at exceeding customer expectations by optimizing response time when managing, producing and shipping orders.

International distribution network

Our international distribution network covers over 60 countries and provide our products to improve the way small, medium and large companies manufacture around the globe at the highest quality standards. Our distribution networks cover Europe, America, Central America, Asia and Africa.

Products range

With over 3,000 different products, SIPEL Electronic SA's catalog proposes a wide range of high quality hand tools, including tweezers, pliers, cutters and caters to the electronics, watch making, medical industries and other specific sectors.

Electronics, Micro Electronics

ESD safe products, Cleanroom safe products, Semiconductor, Laboratory and microscopy, Semiconductor, SMT, Surface-mount technology, SMD, Surface Mount Device, SMD tweezers, Robotics, sensor Fiber optic, disk drive, Production line operating tools, aerospace, defense


Medical, Biomedical, Biological, Optical

Laboratory, Optics, Optical lenses, Microscope, Camera, Prosthesis, Hearing Aids, Laboratory


Watchmaking and Jewellery

Smart object, Smart Watches